Hemp Oil Extract – 65000mg of Organic Hemp Extract – Grown & Made in USA – 100%

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ALL NATURAL: Made with all natural organic ingredients, no GMO.
REDUCES ANXIETY AND STRESS: Helps to reduce anxiety, support mood stabilization, decrease hormonal imbalances, improve sleep, lift mood
SHARPENS BRAIN FUNCTION: Helps to stimulate brain health, improve memory, increase focus, sharpen attention, facilitate restful sleep
IMPROVES HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS: Helps to balance tone, hydrate hair & scalp, supports regeneration, increase hair strength, improves radiance, improves the quality of nails
POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY: Anti Inflammatory properties help with swelling, pain, stiffness, recovers from sprains, strains and broken bones
BOOSTS IMMUNITY: Boosts the immune system and regulates intestinal flora, thus building a natural barrier against microbes and increasing the resilience of the body and its ability to fight off germs.
HEALTHIER SKIN & HAIR: Softens and smoothes dry hair and skin.

4 reviews for Hemp Oil Extract – 65000mg of Organic Hemp Extract – Grown & Made in USA – 100%

  1. Mark Voorhees (verified owner)

    The product came pretty fast in the mail. I have been using it every day for about 3 days now. Sleep has been better and getting up with less pain than before and not as stiff either.

  2. Roney Hemingway

    This is the Best i have gotten.I get it every 30 Days it helps me sleep also it is very good for Pain with my Knee replacement.Thank God for Something that is Natural .Taking other Strong Med Are not good for My Health. My Doctor told me to shop around and see which product that would fit so i did after about five other Hemp Companies and i found this Has Meet my price and Needs Thanks

  3. Gregory D. (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery and awesome product

  4. Jose Perez (verified owner)

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